Message To Voters

Dear Voters,

As a lifelong resident of North Carolina, I believe in the people of our state. As a small business woman and an active volunteer, I have seen us listen to each other, focus on our common values, and improve our community.

Over the past two years, Iíve watched our elected officials focus more on ideology and their own circles of power than on the needs of voters in our community; the results have been disheartening. Seasoned educators have been forced to choose between teaching and supporting their families. Residents are increasingly concerned about their drinking water. And women see the government standing between them and their doctors, instead of protecting their rights.

I am running to become your representative to the North Carolina House because I want to improve lives and create a brighter future. I am ready and committed to stand up for our community -- every neighborhood, every family, and every resident.

I ask for your vote in November. Together we can, and will, move North Carolina forward!


Lisa Baker


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